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The Biggest Loser Campus Diary – Week 11

“When else do you get to be in Salem with the one you love?”



Today was the best day we have had yet. Alison took us to “Days of our Lives”; I was a little ridiculous. I was over the top about Sammy Brady’s apartment. Then we all got head to toe makeovers. It was awesome. The best part was they told us to look into the mirror and then the mirror rolled back and my husband was standing there. Seeing him made an already great day the best ever. When else do you get to be in Salem with the one you love. Heh heh.7/19Back to the grind. Jillian was really excited for us (Being able to see our families). She wasn’t however happy about Isabeau voting off Amy. She said it was strategic suicide. I tried to tell Issy that we needed to keep all 5 members of the black team, but she said she couldn’t justify voting off B and leaving Amy. I will be honest, I think Jillian was right, we will all live to regret that move.



So… Guess what… I can’t climb. Today we had a challenge. We had to climb a never-ending rope. Yea… not so much my strong suit. I didn’t however come in last. (Something to be proud of.) Each week gets harder and harder, let’s just hope I stay above the real yellow line. That in and of itself is challenge enough.



Last chance workout!!!! I hate last chance workouts. Jillian is always in rare form. I guess I would say she was successful today, she got me to scream out loud and cry. That for her is progress.

Another dark day, yea!!!! The workouts are still brutal, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. In this house few things are ever relaxed, so these days are priceless to me. I also got to make a phone call home today. Hearing Noah tell me he loved me and missed me was hard to hear. Each week that part gets harder. It is not natural for a mother to leave her child. I just have to remember that at the end of this he will have a happier healthier mom. That is the only thing that keeps me going.



Tonight was the weigh in. Lets just say that I skated by with the hair of my chinny chin chin. Yikes. Either Kae or Nicole are going home. It is so sad, at this point everyone is really close and it wont be easy to say goodbye to either one of them. This game is only getting harder. Who wants to send someone home when they are so close to their dreams.



If you want me come and get me… Really Neil….Really????? And when I get you then what? I tell you what, when I do get you, I am gonna steal your money and take it all the way to the bank. I would however think about giving you a job.. As my driver, of my Suv that is, Mr. I never won a challenge!!!!.

The Biggest Loser Campus Diary – Week 10

“I have to admit, it was fun getting a sugar rush, but not worth what Jillian is going to do to us tomorrow.”
Today, on Biggest Loser, we ate doughnuts. They were fantastic. Guess who won the $5,000? Bill! Imagine that. I have to admit, it was fun getting a sugar rush, but not worth what Jillian is going to do to us tomorrow.
Dark day!!! Loved it. The Blue and Red team left for the day so it was really quiet around here. Hollie and I joked that it will be much nicer when they are gone permanently. He he he All joking aside, things are getting really serious around here. Everyone is cracking down. Stinks for me because I have to work twice as hard to loose half the weight. It will be worth it in the end though.
Today was challenge day. It was a triathalon. I only made it through the spinning part.I was trying to get Hollie through the competition so that she could win in the swimming portion. I knew that if she won the immunity that it would knock a big threat below the yellow line. The surprise was she could pick a friend to go home and receive immunity also. Guess who she picked? Yep …. ME!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. I am gonna get to see my family. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I LOVE HOLLIE!!!!
Words cannot describe what it felt like to see Mike and Noah. I feel like I live in two separate worlds. My head lives on Campus and my heart lives in Jacksonville. It was a double edged sword to say the least. It was awesome to go home and horrible to leave. It did however make me realize why I came here in the first place. To change my life and the life of my family. Unfortunately I can’t do that at home.
Leaving Mike and Noah was the toughest thing I have ever done. Watching them cry as I left just about ripped my heart out. I am more determined than ever to get to the end. I will not leave them in vain. Everyday at this campus is a gift and I need to be here as long as possible. The thing that drives me now is knowing that I have a family at home that loves me and is waiting for me. That is what I will focus on when I’m working out for 5 hours a day.
Well… I lost nothing at the weigh-in. YIKES!!!! How embarrassing. I have never been so thankful for immunity. I guess going home is gonna be harder than I thought. I am scared that leaving this campus is going to change everything. These next few weeks I plan on gleaning whatever information I can from Jillian so that next time I return home I will be more successful than this time. I really hope that I can stay. I have to stay above that yellow line. Whatever it takes.
Well… Drama!!! Isabeau turned her back on Amy and voted her out. OOUCH. I want to see what Jillian will have to say about that. Should be interesting. I really hope it doesn’t come back to bite Issy in the butt (or me for that matter). Personally I think that B was the bigger threat, but he is a really great guy and I can’t say I would want him gone. At this point, saying goodbye to anyone will be hard. (well… maybe not anyone….)