“Dog-gone Prayer”

Last week we enjoyed a fun-filled time at the fair to celebrate my son Noah’s 10th birthday. We were all reminiscing about the fun we had as we entered the house that night, but something seemed strange as we walked through the door.

Normally Noah’s little dog, Flower, greets us enthusiastically; usually barking, jumping up on us and waging her tail. The silence was deafening.

We looked everywhere for her—upstairs, under the beds, even in the attic. She was nowhere to be found. My dad, who was visiting from out of town, recalled the door to the house being open for a while when he was outside working on a car earlier that day. Flower must have slipped out and run away.

She is an adorable little five-pound Poochin (a mix of a toy poodle and Japanese Chin). And to say she is like a member of the family is an understatement. She’s been Noah’s “baby girl” for five years and is a very important part of home and our hearts.

It was late and dark outside. Things always seem the bleakest at night. Our minds wandered to her being taken, or worse. We searched the blocks surrounding our house and called for her but eventually we had to go inside and just pray.

It was Noah’s prayer that really got to us.

He said, “Dear God, please send your angels to protect Flower while she’s gone. And please bring her back home to us safely. And if you could, bring her home Friday.”

He was very upset, of course. But he had faith. And he prayed very specifically.

We all went to bed with lumps in our throats, knots in our stomachs and prayers on our lips.

When we awoke the next day, it was as though there had been a death in the family. We got ready for the day in silence. My greatest fear was that Noah’s earnest, heartfelt prayers wouldn’t be answered in the way he expected. As we drove to school, however, I saw a handwritten notice scribbled on a piece of paper on a street post. It simply said, “Found: small gray dog” with a telephone number to call.

We were elated to be reunited with Flower. And we were so grateful to God for hearing our prayers. But Noah’s faith really never wavered. He knew God heard his prayers. And with a childlike faith he lived the scripture 1 John 5:15 (New Living Translation): “And since we know He hears us when we make our requests, we also know that He will give us what we ask for.”

If you aren’t a dog lover it may seem silly that we were so distraught over our missing pup. But this was very serious to us. But more than anything through this experience I learned a valuable lesson from my precious son about faith. God hears us when we pray.

Now, He doesn’t always choose to answer as we would ask Him to. But I believe that quite possibly we don’t see God move more often in miraculous ways in our lives not because He won’t…but because we fail to ask and then truly believe that He will.

And by the way, Flower came home on Friday. Who said God isn’t concerned with the little details that matter to us?

About Julie Hadden

I'm Julie Hadden and for the past few years I've been on quite journey. My experience on Season 4 of "The Biggest Loser" resulted in a total transfomation in my life. What started out being about what I could "lose" turned more into what I "gained." God revealed great truths to me about the infinite WORTH we all possess in His eyes and I'm passionate about sharing what I learned through this process. View all posts by Julie Hadden

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