Cherry Blossom Reminders

As a Florida girl for most of my life, I was accustomed to beautiful beaches and outdoor scenery. But
since I moved to Georgia earlier this year I’ve been treated to all sorts of differences
in climate and nature!

One of the most gorgeous sights I’ve seen in recent days has been the blooming cherry blossoms. You
don’t see those in Florida! The trees don’t even look real; each flower is so
beautiful—only God could be the creator of them.

As we were driving my 10-year-old, Noah, to school not long ago, my husband and I were commenting on
this especially striking tree. We had passed it every day for months and never
noticed it until all of a sudden it seemed that the blossoms just burst
magically overnight.

We continued to admire it for a few days on our trips to and from school, when Noah noticed that in a
very short amount of time, many of the blossoms had already fallen to the

Now only two weeks later the branches are looking sparse. There are only a very few pretty blooms left.
In what seems like an incredibly short amount of time the once thriving
splendor of the flowers is gone. One can only imagine that in another week, it
will look completely barren and unassuming as it had all those many months we
completely ignored it.

And it happened so quickly.

I researched the average lifespan of a cherry blossom, and found out that there were several variables
that could affect it, but generally a healthy tree should bloom for 2-3 weeks.
So truly there is a very small window of opportunity to relish the beauty of
the cherry blossom trees.

It reminds me of many things in life, and brought to mind the urgency to really soak in all the many
blessings God gives us every day. When I get frustrated with the rowdy behavior
of my sons, I need only to remember that just yesterday my 10-year-old was a
toddler just learning to walk and talk. I blink my eyes and my three-year-old
isn’t a baby anymore; but now a self-professed “big boy” who is about to start
soccer practice in a month.

The only thing that is consistent in this life is change. Fortunately, the cherry blossoms are still
blooming in many places around town. And for however long they last, I intend
to soak in the sight of them and enjoy the beauty of this specific part of
God’s creation.

I also intend to let them serve as a reminder to appreciate all the blessings in my life—all the
precious relationships, experiences and opportunities that come my way each

About Julie Hadden

I'm Julie Hadden and for the past few years I've been on quite journey. My experience on Season 4 of "The Biggest Loser" resulted in a total transfomation in my life. What started out being about what I could "lose" turned more into what I "gained." God revealed great truths to me about the infinite WORTH we all possess in His eyes and I'm passionate about sharing what I learned through this process. View all posts by Julie Hadden

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