Monthly Archives: May 2011

Dare to Dream!

I think one of the biggest challenges we all face is time management. It seems like we are busier than ever. But one thing I’ve found in my own life that I literally can’t afford to let go is my daily “communication” with God.

People call it different things. Some call it a quiet time. Some call it their daily devotional. As a busy wife and mom I have to carve out a time in my day to talk to God. And more importantly to listen to Him.

With this in mind I’ve just started reading Living God’s Dream for You, by Julie Clinton. What I love best about this book is that the daily readings are short; they contain scripture and a little prayer at the end of each entry. I don’t mean it should be used as a substitute for more in-depth prayer and scripture reading, but it’s a great way to start a busy day.

But what prompts me to write this week isn’t the book in general—but something I learned from it in particular.

With Julie Clinton at a recent Extraordinary Women Conference in Macon, GA.

In the early pages of the book I was taken by a quote from Dr. William R. Bright, which says,“Whatever we vividly envision, ardently desire, sincerely believe in, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass, provided there is scriptural authority for it.”

Wow. That spoke to me in an amazing way.

Of course we can’t just whole-heartedly believe we are going to win the lottery and expect it to come to pass. God doesn’t work like that.

But if we have a dream, and it doesn’t contradict God’s will for our lives, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with aggressively and confidently pursuing it.

Julie Clinton writes, “You may think that circumstances determine whether you can live out your dreams, but I disagree. I’ve come to believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who sit back and resign themselves to the way life is, and those who refuse to give in. The second group chooses to live boldly despite the obstacles they encounter.”

I want to be part of that second group!

I was exhilarated to read the confirmation that the difference in those who live their dreams and those who don’t is not circumstances, it is attitude. Such a simple truth, but still life-changing if you believe it.

I’ve been blessed over the past few years to have had some amazing experiences. But I still have dreams! Big ones! And I am going to vividly envision these dreams…ardently desire them…sincerely believe in them…and enthusiastically act upon them as though they will come to pass.

My prayer for you is that you will grab hold of whatever your dream is—and live the same way!