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The Connection Between Forgiveness and Weight Loss

There are a lot of contributing factors to why people are overweight. I think that prejudice against obesity is probably the last remaining “acceptable” prejudice in society today. That doesn’t make it right; but I know I certainly felt the sting of being treated differently because of my size.

Genetics plays a big part, no doubt. And poor choices regarding food and exercise obviously yield negative results. Of course there are some legitimate health issues that contribute too. But sometimes I think the source might be a little more subtle, as evidenced by a conversation I had with a friend not too long ago. The conversation was about—of all things—forgiveness.

She shared with me that she had been plagued recently about the nagging need to forgive a person from her past. This was someone who had said and done some very hurtful things to her. Things—until now—she hadn’t been able to (or willing to) let go of.

Yet ironically she didn’t consider that those things might have been part of what contributed to her increasing size over the years. It just never dawned on her.

Well, through the course of some events that some might call coincidence (I prefer to think of them as divinely orchestrated) this person just out of the blue contacted her. And the door to forgiveness was opened.

My friend said she felt like a new person afterwards. And ironically, this experience rejuvenated her desire to lose weight and get healthy and rebuke all the negative feelings and comments this person had placed on her years and years ago.

I’m sharing this story because I think it contains a valuable truth about weight loss and good health. Forgiveness can truly “set you free” from the things that are holding you back from achieving the life you have always wanted and deserve to live.

Maybe today is the day that you need to think about what you’ve been holding on to that may be holding you back from personal success.

I’ve said before that everything that “weighs us down” is not related to the number on a scale. But maybe they are interconnected. You owe it to yourself to take an introspective look and see what you might need to release in order to be figuratively and literally lighter.