Monthly Archives: September 2016

In the Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Hermine made landfall early today in Florida with a furious mix of rain, winds and surging waves. In the beach town of Jacksonville where I live, we saw quite a bit of the effects of the storm which continue even now as I write.
Unable to sleep well, I got up early this morning and began tracking the storm to see exactly what we could expect for today. When I saw this image I was overwhelmed by the truth it spoke to my spirit.

This is a still shot from Doppler radar during hurricane Hermine. That yellow arrow is pointing to a bunch of red dots. And those red dots are birds caught in the eye of the storm.

How amazing is that?

A storm that is approximately 400 miles wide raging all around them and yet, they are safe right in the midst of it. God’s word (Matthew 6:26) reminds us of our importance, by referring to how God cares for the birds, even though they do nothing to prepare.

Wow, wow, wow!!!

I hope that today, some of you will feel that truth the way I did this morning. Even in the midst of whatever is raging around you, you can be safeprotected by the very one who created the winds and waves and can also calm them.