Monthly Archives: January 2008

Our New Addition

Hi everybody.

I literally have not had one spare second to get online and respond to
messages, but I do receive them from my Webmaster. And I thank you so much for
your continued love, support and encouragement.

I did, however, want to take a moment to share some very exciting and
life-changing news with those of you who stop by my Web site and have
encouraged me to update my Blog more frequently.

I am a new mommy again.

Mike and I are overjoyed over the new addition to our family through adoption.

We brought our new son home when he was only two days old. But we met him the
day he was born and spent as much time together as possible in the hospital
until he came home. We got to know his birth mother and she and I actually
spent a lot of time together. She agreed that this was a “God thing”
and was at perfect peace. I assured her that if she had any misgivings that it
couldn’t be God’s perfect will for her life – and if it wasn’t God’s will for
her life; then it wasn’t for ours’ either.

Adoption, in my opinion, is the most sacrificial example of love in today’s
society. We will be forever grateful for the gift the birth mother gave us. He
already feels like he’s always been a part of our family. Our seven year old
son (many of you all saw Noah on TV) feels as though this was HIS idea. We
brought him into the loop early on to make sure that he also was at peace with
the idea of going from only child to big brother.

As soon as we told him about the baby (before he was born) Noah responded
“That baby needs us…and we need him.” Out of the mouth of babes,

Never before has anything transpired so smoothly or beautifully. It was the
hand of God at work because every obstacle was removed from our path. Every
door that was meant to open MORE than opened. It FLUNG open. God sent specific
people into our lives during the process with confirmation after confirmation
that this was His perfect will for our family.

I have always loved being a stay-at-home mom. But now I have a chance to
“do it better.” I am healthier and happier than before thanks to my
experience on The Biggest Loser. And I am able to be a better wife and mother
in every way. Of course some of my “plans” have changed somewhat.
It’s funny how a baby can do that. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really do appreciate all the messages and comments and the sweet e-mails
people send through the Web site. I am overwhelmed sometimes by the stories
people share with me and the encouragement everyone continues to give. I wanted
to post this blog just to give everyone a little news of what’s going on with

The baby has such a sweet disposition, but we call him our little owl. He loves
to sleep during the day and stay up all night. I had forgotten how tired you
can get caring for a newborn but also how wonderful it is!

So thanks again for stopping by. And for taking the time to read my Blog. I
will try to do better at keeping it updated.

Take care.